Bakersfield Police looking for a racing car

Bakersfield, CA (KERO) – Bakersfield police are looking for a car that was allegedly involved in a collision on May 18. The clash occurred at the intersection of East California Avenue and South King Street.

Officers found a moderately to severely injured adult man on the street. The study found that the subject was driving an electric scooter east on East California Avenue when the vehicle turned left in front of him.

A car that hit a scooter left the scene. The vehicle is described as a light blue Nissan Versa 2009-2012, a four-door hatchback with black rims and damage to the underside of the rear passenger and driver doors.

Suspicious hit-and-run vehicle

The driver is described as a Spanish man with a short fade and black or brown hair.

For more information, contact BPD Traffic Details at 661-326-3967.

Bakersfield Police looking for hit-and-run vehicle source link Bakersfield Police looking for hit-and-run vehicle

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