Bakersfield Police are investigating a possible intentional fire in the car outside the KGET-TV newsroom

BAKERSFIELD, California – The Bakersfield Police Department is investigating a car fire they believe was deliberately started outside of the KGET-TV newsroom in downtown Bakersfield.

Early Monday morning, BPD Sergeant Sean Morphis confirmed that a person was arrested following the incident.

Morphis described the situation as a fire in the car rather than an “explosion” of the car, which BPD initially referred to as such.

According to the BPD, the vehicle caught fire in front of the outer fence of the KGET newsroom along streets M and 22 at around 11:02 p.m.

A nearby officer heard a loud noise and set up a burning vehicle shortly afterwards.

The Bakersfield Fire Department put out the fire and officials restricted several streets in the area. The traffic is currently not allowed.

BPD confirms no one was injured in the newsroom or nearby.

A 23ABC News crew watched as officials outside the KGET newsroom took photos of what appeared to be wooden crosses near the burned vehicle.

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