Bakersfield MP Rudy Salas discusses the consequences of the Governor’s Just Transition Roadmap.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) – In July, the governor will release his Just Transition Roadmap to move California toward a clean economy and away from safe and essential oil and gas operations.

Its new proposed ban on hydraulic fracturing, combined with its earlier announcement to ban the internal combustion engine and a total ban on oil production by 2045.

Rudy Salas, member of the Bakersfield Congregation, says this new proposal does not take into account the essential workforce who provide affordable, reliable energy, nor does it take into account the communities that depend on it.

“What we are asking is that when he watches these kinds of actions, he doesn’t forget the California families and doesn’t forget the families in Kern County who may lose high-paying jobs,” he said.

Salas said he wants to make sure families and businesses aren’t left behind, local places like Aera Energy that advocate renewable energy.

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