Bakersfield Metropolis Council Examines New Greyhound Web site Lease Settlement | information

Bakersfield City Council will meet Wednesday night to review an agreement with Greyhound Lines Inc. to rent space at the city-owned Amtrak station.

Greyhound currently offers passenger buses and package delivery from its downtown train station on 18th and G Street.

“With the changing business climate, Greyhound employees realized they no longer needed a facility of this size. City officials found that relocating Greyhound buses to the existing urban Amtrak station met several key goals of the city council, including “According to a city memo released on Friday.

The memo states that the proposed lease has an initial ten-year term with two five-year extension options. Greyhound would pay $ 2,000 per month initially for the first year, followed by $ 3,000 per month on the first anniversary. Then there would be an adjustment of the consumer price index every year, it says in the memo.

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