Bakersfield man arrested for posing as a peace officer: KCSO

Posted: Jan 29, 2021/11:29 AM PST
Updated: Jan 29, 2021 / 12:35 PM PST

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – A man who MPs allege posed as a peace officer and made traffic stops in his personal vehicle has been arrested.

Forty-year-old David Fullerton was contacted Thursday by MPs on Charger Avenue, northeast Bakersfield, according to sheriff officials. MPs found his brown GMC Yukon equipped with aftermarket law enforcement-style lights and sirens. Inside there was a tactical vest, radios, shackles, and ammunition blanks for handguns.

A search warrant issued in Fullerton’s Quincy Street home resulted in MPs seizing law enforcement-style equipment and replica guns, three working guns and ammunition, as well as counterfeit ID cards, checks and credit cards.

Fullerton has been booked for impersonating a peace officer, a criminal in possession of a firearm, and unauthorized use of someone else’s identification, MPs said, among other things.

It is not known how many victims there are in this case. Anyone who believes they may be a potential victim is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 661-861-3110.

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