Bakersfield Man Arrested for He Vt. Agriculture Minister had threatened

BARRE, Vt. (WCAX) – A Franklin County man faces charges after police allege he threatened Anson Tebbetts, Vermont Secretary of Agriculture.

“No civil servant should have to live in fear of performing their duties in order to expose them to threats or physical violence,” said Washington County Attorney Rory Thibault, who is prosecuting the Edwin Farnham case.

Authorities say Franklin County Sheriff Roger Langevin delivered paperwork to the Bakersfield farmer on Monday when Farnham allegedly told him to “get off my property and not come back because if you do (expletive) it won’t be nice.” “

The document included a proposed fine from the Agency for Agriculture in response to animal health law violations. “The agency’s interactions with Mr Farnham have been difficult at times over the past few months,” the agency said in a statement.

Later that day, Farnham Agriculture Secretary Anson Tebbetts sent a Facebook message that read, “I’m coming for you, Anson, you bastard (expletive).” Soon the security of buildings and general services, the Capitol Police, and Montpelier Police investigated the Vermont State Police identified the threat and made sure Tebbetts was safe.

Edwin Farnham / File(WCAX)

According to Thibault, these types of threats have become more apparent in recent months. “It is noteworthy that threats have been made against the Foreign Secretary’s anonymous voicemail, that there are regular threats against the Governor, that we regularly have threats against lawmakers, and that we also have threats against ordinary workers, including DCF workers, law enforcement agencies and hospitals Worker, ”he said.

“It’s not as unusual as we’d like it to be, that’s for sure. Whenever this happens, a civil servant is threatened, it is serious business and we take it seriously. We are investigating it thoroughly and responding appropriately, ”said Adam Silverman, a Vermont State Police spokesman.

Soldiers arrested Farnham Monday afternoon for parole violations related to domestic violence charges from 2019. Thibault says officials can never be too careful these days. “Too often you check the national news or even here in Vermont – people respond to threats,” he said.

Farnham has been released from prison on judicial terms, including having no contact with Sheriff Langevin or Secretary Tebbetts or any AG agency staff.

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