Bakersfield listed as one of many “Greatest Climate Cities in America”

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA. – No question – it’s hot outside!

But while some are complaining about Bakersfield’s triple-digit weather these days, a 24/7 “Best Weather City in America” ​​Wall Street ranked Bakersfield 17th!

The website also listed Bako as one of the seven cities in California with the best weather – even against Sacramento. Other top cities were Los Angeles and of course … San Diego.

According to Wall Street, the list was determined around the clock by an index of minimum, maximum, and average temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, wind, humidity, and more.

The site has listed these stats below:

  • Average Annual temperature: 65.2 ° F.
  • Average Rainy days per year: 37 days
  • Average Freezing days per year: 13 days
  • Average Sunny days per year: 191 days

“While many people would prefer a warm climate to freezing cold, for many there is a climate that is just too hot,” the website said. “We have rewarded places with fewer rainy days per year, as most people prefer a rain or snow-free, sunny day. We have also penalized places with insufficient rainfall, as a dry climate can damage vegetation and lead to forest fires and water restrictions. ”

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