Bakersfield is taken into account probably the greatest locations to dwell in america

BAKERSFIELD, California – The US News World Report just released its top places to live for 2019 – and Bakersfield made the cut.

Bakersfield came in 124 cities out of 125, and while people think that’s a bad thing, the annual report highlights what the city has to offer.

“There is no better place to raise your family, to live, and to have the people living here. It’s just a great community,” said David Knoeb, president of Frontier Real Estate Services.

The report is based on quality of life, desirability, labor market, value and housing.

Knoeb says people come to save and get more for their money.

“I think it’s affordability, in the state we are one of the most affordable cities in the state and that has the biggest impact,” Knoeb said.

According to the US News World Report, “Bakersfield is cheaper than most other parts of California”.

It says: “Buying a home in Bakersfield can cost three times less than in Los Angeles.”

As more people come to Bakersfield, Knoeb explains that it’s a seller’s trademark right now and homes can be difficult to get hold of.

“At the moment everything we set up is usually gone within hours and usually takes two to three weeks,” said Knoeb.

While people are leaving larger cities for affordability, people can commute to Bakersfield’s proximity to Los Angeles.

“We have around 80,000 people commuting from here to LA every day,” said Knoeb.

City officials say they see an increase in zoning changes as the population grows, and that with homes, there is a need for commercial space.

Not only is Bakersfield one of the top cities, it’s also one of the top 100 places to retire.

Texas was once again at the top of the list for the number one city in Austin.

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