Bakersfield Hooters have been closed as a consequence of cockroach infestation

BAKERSFIELD, Cali. – The Hooters restaurant in Bakersfield has been closed due to a cockroach infestation.

According to Kern County Public Health, the Hooters on 4208 Rosedale Hwy have multi-generation roaches.

On the Public Health Safe Diner page, the details behind the close have been expanded.

The indication of the business did not show the proper decision-making skills to stay open during the infestation and they did not realize the risk of the cockroaches.

Live and dead cockroaches were found.

They were found around food preparation in the kitchen area, on the ceiling and on the floor. They saw cockroaches and feces in the dish washing area on a storage shelf.

Cockroach infestation at Hooters in Bakersfield

The operations manager admitted that the facility had no pest control services recently or in the past few weeks. The manager contacted the pest control and scheduled it for the same day, Thursday.

A new inspection takes place after pest control and after disinfection.

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