Bakersfield Financial institution of America places closed as a consequence of workers shortages,

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – 23ABC reached out to the financial institution after receiving reports of the closure of Bakersfield Bank of America locations and cash-only ATMs.

A Bank of America representative said the recent closings were due to staff shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Throughout this time, we’ve been balancing the need to stay open about giving our customers access while prioritizing the health and safety of our employees and customers,” the representative said. “This could be the case, for example, if more employees unexpectedly have to take time off during these times to look after family members, and we may not have enough staff to adequately maintain the on-site services.”

In terms of the deposit-only ATMs, this was the result of increased usage that usually occurs at the beginning of each month.

“This is a unique time when customers and the general public have made significantly more use of our 50 Bakersfield ATMs this week for a number of reasons. This is primarily the first of the month that people use their California EDD cards Withdraw cash along with more people withdrawing cash for the upcoming holiday weekend. “

Bank of America plans to increase maintenance schedules on its ATMs to resolve the problem.

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