Bakersfield Conjures up “Wholesome Quick Meals”

It’s time for our Foodie Friday segment with a little twist. You have to make your way north to try this menu, but the inspiration comes from our own garden. 23ABC’s Danielle Kernkamp works with a Bakersfield man who is reimagining fast food.

“We roast our pork shoulder slowly for over 24 hours and I specialize in low temperatures when they come out. They’re just crispy on the outside and super melty and tender on the inside,” said Ben Rowe, founder of Ben’s Fast Food.

Ben’s fast food is in San Francisco, but it all started with an idea that came up in Kern County.

“The inspiration for Ben’s fast food came from visiting home. I hung out with my older brother in downtown Bakersfield and we just talked and thought like a man, why isn’t there, why isn’t there all healthy big fast food. What’s going on here? For example, why can’t we just have something that is just as cheap and just as delicious. It just seemed okay if there was somewhere in America that there was really affordable healthy food it should be right there in the place where so much of that food is grown, “Rowe said.

“A big part of the menu and the way I create the menu was using the produce grown in California. So if you go to a grocery store and see broccoli, cauliflower, and frozen carrots, it’s called California Mix, and that’s because broccoli, cauliflower and carrots are grown in such large quantities mainly in the Central Valley, and that’s the main mix of vegetables that we use in our food. “

When asked if he plans to bring it back to Bakersfield, Rowe replied, “Yeah, I’d love to. I’ll be super awesome when the whole concept closes up and comes back home. And my parents were massively campaigning around Bringing Ben’s fast food to Bakersfield because I selfishly think they want it. They want to see me more often so yeah I think it would be great to go back to Bakersfield. If you know I’ve had a lot of friends and family, she wanted that in Bakersfield and I think it would be so cool to come back and do something like that in Bakersfield. “

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