Bakersfield College is starting a mass vaccination that will vaccinate 1,000 people

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – One thousand people received their COVID vaccines at Bakersfield College today. Bakersfield College has made great strides in making the vaccine more accessible to Eastside residents. Kern County’s first mass vaccination clinic was on campus today.

“I’m glad it’s done, I’ve been in my back yard for a year, I haven’t gone anywhere,” said James Trailor, a Bakersfield resident.

It’s the vaccination site that many have been waiting for.

“We’ve been trying for about three months and every time we call they say we’ll call back on Tuesday,” said Gene Parks, a Bakersfield resident. “We would call back Tuesday, they would say we are overcrowded. Can you call back next Tuesday?”

Gene Parks is one of the thousands who received their COVID vaccine at Bakersfield College. Everyone who signed up received the vaccine from Johnson and Johnson – meaning this was their first and last shot.

“I was just waiting for this one vaccine because I just wanted to take that one down and get it done,” said Trailor.

The transit was organized by Bakersfield College, the Central Labor Council, the Latino COVID Task Force and the Centric Foundation.

“We said this is a perfect venue, they already have a facility, they are certified, let’s do it,” said Imelda Ceja-Butkiewicz, President of Kern Inyo Mono’s Central Labor Council. “So we got that together in a week and we look great.”

Bakersfield College has had several vaccination clinics in the past few months. Each clinic reached the maximum enrollment.

“People like to go where they are comfortable, where they feel an affinity,” said Norma Rojas-Mora, director of communications at Bakersfield College. “And of course the Bakersfield College folks are familiar, so we’ll be here if necessary.”

The organizers say they hope to continue this transit but it all depends on the needs of the community.

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