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The Daily Show investigates Joe Biden’s three-week presidential scandals and says goodbye to Lou Dobbs

No president is immune to scandals, including President Biden, Trevor Noah told the Daily Show on Monday. But maybe not all scandals are created equal. “Over the weekend, Biden took a short break from his daily president to catch the Super Bowl from his Delaware home – and if you’re not immediately outraged by that, you haven’t seen the apparently last 48 hours of conservative news media,” said Noah. “But it’s not surprising that Biden has changed the travel rules for himself as he’s been president for less than three weeks and has already had more scandals than we can track – although, my friends, we will try to improve our brand . ” new segment: ‘Joe Biden, the worst president in history we can remember.’ “Noah covered Jen Psaki’s Space Force brouhaha, Biden’s comments on honorable FBI agents, Hunter Biden’s memoir deal, and the three scandals Biden had before he became president.” That’s right, Joe Biden has 10 minutes from Donald Stolen Trump’s presidency, or as Fox News calls it, Tenghazi, “Noah wavered.” Who knows what Trump could have achieved in those 10 minutes? I mean, maybe then he’d finally publish his health plan. He could have used this time to go down half a ramp! And do you have any idea how much Fox News Trump could have watched in those 10 minutes? How, 10 minutes! So that’s a lot of Joe Biden scandals by the mad journalists of the conservative media in just his first three weeks in office. “He predicted some Biden scandals that might come next. One of those conservative budding Biden-Muckrakers lost his platform over the weekend, and The Daily Show also took a moment to say goodbye to Fox Business presenter Lou Dobbs , “The North Korean Broadcaster America Has Ever Seen.” Check Out His Highlight Role Below. More Stories From Theweek.comJared and Ivanka Reportedly Warn Trump of the Likely Acquittal. Trump allies are amazed at how much its reputation has recovered since Capitol RiotGOP Senators criticized Trump’s attorney’s performance: “A missed opportunity”

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