Bakersfield Behavioral Health is hiring 20 positions at the job fair

Imagine an opportunity to be hired locally during the pandemic. It’s not as far out as you might think.

“A lot of people who have seen or attended a job fair know that they’re huge, it’s busy, and you’re lucky enough to have a five-minute conversation with something at a booth,” said Amber Smithson, director of Business Development at Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital, said.

At this job fair, however, you will be interviewed immediately and possibly hired on one of the 20 available full-time and daily rates. The following is on the table:

Registered Nurses, Mental Health Professionals who are entry-level positions that do not require a degree and (about 14 paid an hour, according to Glassdoor, and dietitians.

That demand, Smithson said, was due to an increase in the number of children and youth in need of their services. It’s also coming from vacancies opening due to the pandemic.

“You are losing staff, you are gaining staff, some staff are being forced to work in medical search hospitals, and we are like many medical professions in desperate need of skilled, dedicated staff to join our team,” said Smithson.

Previous experience can help you find the job, but ultimately, empathy is what behavioral health looks for beyond the résumé. For example, mental health workers need heart, Smithson said, as they directly help mentally ill patients with their daily needs.

“For me, skills can be taught, but your empathy and compassion for our people is much harder to convey,” said Smithson.

Although not required, she said it would be helpful if they had previous mental work experience or were working as a patient care facility in an institution.

The job fair will take place on January 21st from 2pm to 6pm. at their gym (5201 White Lane), which Smithson says has plenty of room to make room. They also limit how many people can be there at the same time. Masks are required and resumes are recommended.

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