Bakersfield Bass Pro Shops project has been put on hold, the company says

Bakersfield, Ca. (KGET) – There has been so much uncertainty, stress, illness, and even death amid the pandemic. It can feel like an increasing weight on your shoulder – the feeling that there is nothing good out there.

Well, the Houchin Community Blood Bank is trying to change that and is encouraging you to “pay forward” and spread something positive. During the month of April, Houchin asks you to do something for someone, big or small. And they hope you come out to donate too. To add to the promotion, they reached out to several influencers around town to encourage their followers to donate. If you follow @, @Shanehubbardfit, @Mackenziephotography or @averysappetite you will see posts with a special code that you include with your donation throughout the month.

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