Authorities are looking for 2 boys in Bakersfield who have been missing since December

Over 50 FBI agents and Bakersfield police officers searched a field for about two hours looking for two boys who have been missing since December.

Police officers said they were looking for 4-year-old Orrin West and 3-year-old Orson West in a field in Bakersfield on Saturday.

The field is just over two miles from the apartment where the boys lived with their four siblings before moving to California in September 2020.

A Bakersfield Police Department official said law enforcement completed their full search on Saturday.

“To the extent that evidence of any value has been found, I cannot go into details,” said Police Spokesman Sgt. Robert Pair said. “I can definitely say that the guys weren’t found. I think our reaction would have been different if that had happened. “

Couple wouldn’t explain why officials ransacked the field.

Community search groups had searched for Orrin and Orson in the same field in January, reported KBAK-TV.

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