Authorities are in search of two boys in Bakersfield who’ve been lacking since December

Over 50 FBI agents and Bakersfield police officers searched a field for about two hours looking for two boys who have been missing since December.

Police officers said they were looking for 4-year-old Orrin West and 3-year-old Orson West in a field in Bakersfield on Saturday.

The field is just over two miles from the apartment where the boys lived with their four siblings before moving to California in September 2020.

A Bakersfield Police Department official said law enforcement completed their full search on Saturday.

“As far as evidence of value has been found, I cannot go into details,” said Police Spokesman Sgt. Robert Pair. “I can definitely say the guys weren’t found. I think our reaction would have been different if that had happened.”

Couple wouldn’t explain why officials ransacked the field.

Community search groups had searched for Orrin and Orson in the same field in January.

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