At Bakersfield Christian Excessive College, the variety of freshmen is growing

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – Bakersfield Christian High School is seeing an increase in freshmen enrollments for the coming year, and COVID-19 could be a factor.

According to BCHS director John Buetow, around 460-470 full-time students were employed on the school premises last year. That year Buetow said he had around 520 to 525, which is an increase of around 10%.

“So we’ve seen pretty significant domestic growth,” said Buetow. “But bluntly we saw trends in this area even before COVID.”

Buetow said he believes that while this is not the only factor, he thinks the freedom of BCHS in a single location could appeal to more residents under the coronavirus pandemic.

“Without a doubt, some of that freedom that we enjoyed as a single site has probably served us well during this time,” he said. “Some of the differences that we noticed during this time based on our local site control served us well during registration.”

The BCHS has its own admission requirements. Students must also apply and pay tuition fees.

Further information on registration can be found here.

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