Amazon plans new distribution hub at Boarded Up Kmart in Bakersfield

A former Kmart mall in Bakersfield is set to become an Amazon distribution center and the e-commerce giant’s second warehouse development in Kern County.

City records indicate that a proposed 123,000-square-foot warehouse at the site would hold and sort six truckloads of consumer goods a day. The products would then be loaded into 20 delivery vans and sent for local delivery.

The city’s Board of Zoning Adjustment approved a conditional use permit in September to convert the existing 50-year-old building into a distribution warehouse. Amazon is nowhere mentioned in materials filed with the city, and a city official said the operator’s name was not disclosed.

Amazon has been identified as the operator, according to a representative from one of the small companies hired by the owner of the property to clear the site to make way for the new project.

Amazon was similarly stealthy when it was early in the development of the much larger fulfillment center that the Seattle-based company recently opened north of Meadows Field Airport. In this case, the district officials considering the project did not know that the country’s most valuable retailer was behind it.

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