Abandoned dogs en route to Montana after being rescued in Bakersfield


SANTA YNEZ VALLEY, California – Two dogs are still looking for warm homes after being found abandoned on a mattress in Bakersfield. Now they are looking for Montana.

Pit bull mixes Oreo and Graham were rescued earlier this month by some caring members of the Bakersfield community who found them on the side of the road with no food or water.

Due to the overpopulation in Kern County’s animal shelters, the two pups were brought to the Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society for love and shelter. CARE4Paws staff helped repair, vaccinate and microchip the dogs to prepare them for future families.

CARE4Paws said if the dogs in Santa Barbara County couldn’t find a home forever, they would be flown to Montana to join the Montana Pittie Project, a rescue that focuses on helping abused and neglected bullying breeds.

At the end of March it finally happened and Oreo and Graham were loaded into two small planes that were flown by volunteer pilots with the nonprofit pilots N Paws.

“These are two of the loveliest and cutest dogs anyone could ever meet. Everyone involved in their rescue couldn’t be happier to get their second chance at a new life,” said CARE4Paws in a farewell post on Instagram.

These great bundles of joy really show us that it takes a village to rescue and care for every dog ​​in need.

We wish you all the best on your journey into your new life!

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