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Music Store Brisbane Northside Sells Various Musical Instruments And Gear

May 28

Music Store Brisbane Northside sells various musical instruments and gear. It also offers expert repairs and educational programs. The staff is professional and friendly.

Leanne studied contemporary voice and guitar at CQU Conservatorium and has extensive experience in retail including managing Queenslands largest print store, orchestral, band and piano store. She has been frontwoman and recorded several EPs that have received national radio play.


We have the best guitars available. We are able to assist you, whether a beginner or an experienced one, choose the right guitar to meet your needs and budget. We also have a broad selection of amplifiers to assist you in getting the most out of your guitar.

Kirk was born in Cairns where he learned trumpet in his school music program. He was a member of three local bands before assuming lead roles in school productions. He has worked in retail for over 10 years and is the store manager for North Queensland's largest print string, orchestral, and piano shop.

Rowan is downstairs and can be found helping customers with anything from a new strap to a broken peg. He is a passionate guitar player and enjoys making them sound and look the best they can.


We have basses to suit all styles of music, whether you want a five-string bass that could bring the doom, or a four-string bass that will slap and slap like nobody's business.

Consider a 6-string bass to get a more dark and more pronounced tone. Or, one with an extended range that lets you play all the notes on a standard bass and one low string (low B). Be aware that necks with longer lengths may be difficult to handle for younger and less experienced players.

Leanne has been in the music instrument industry for five years. She is currently the manager of Queensland's biggest print store and its largest piano, bass and orchestral stores. She has also performed with her group LittleLam an original local rock group that has been able to enjoy national radio coverage. Leanne is passionate for instilling music into the curriculum of schools and helping the next generation of musicians.


Keyboards are great for those looking to explore a wide variety of sounds. They will not make anyone an expert musician over night, but it is essential. It doesn't have to be as loud as it might appear. Many keyboards for beginners have built-in headphones that allow students to practice without putting themselves or family members under unnecessary stress.

The KS-230 uses Casio’s Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II. This is a step above the cheap synth-style keyboards available in this price range. It's more authentic to play, and it even replicates the feel of textured ivory and ebony tops. It also has 61 keys that are not weighted that aren't enough to achieve an accurate piano performance, but are good to build the ability to control your movements in a dynamic manner.