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Tips to Choose the Right Caterer

Dec 7

Nothing is more important than the quality, taste, and look of the food and drinks served. The caterer you choose can have a significant effect on the success of your event will be.

Here are the 10 top events you should think about when hiring catering services.

#1 - Personal interest in your needs and the ability to respond

This was the most common subject among all the event and catering professionals that we talked to. This is because the level of interest and responsiveness the caterer was in their initial discussions is indicative of how they'll perform over the course of their contract.

While many caterers claim to offer the most delicious food, it is rare for them to be quick to respond to emails or return calls. These are not important aspects when compared to overall taste and price. But they demonstrate that caterers are concerned about their customers and ensure that they are pleased with their service and the product.

#2 - The ability to handle your specific type of occasion

There is no perfect caterer for every event or for every kind of event catering companies are open about it. When interviewing caterers you must specify the kind of event you're planning, as well as the food and service you expect. You could end up choosing one that's not the best fit for your event.

#3 - Flexibility Regarding Menu Options

Practically all caterers offer an uncomplicated menu. Many also have the ability to customize these menus by adding or removing items. The best caterers will be eager to provide delicious food items that are customized to your specific requirements and your subject matter.

#4 - Willingness To Provide Tastings

What do you be able to know what a caterer will offer unless you have a taste of their products? It is impossible to know the taste of the dishes you're interested in unless you try them.

Some people avoid soliciting samples of the items they'd like for their party because it can seem to be a hassle for the caterer, but it's standard to request a sample of the items you plan to order prior to signing on the dotted line.

#5 - Familiarity With The Venue

If you decide to employ a BBQ joint to cater your formal ballroom event you may be amazed. You can also hire a top-end corporate event caterer for your barn wedding. Why? Because these caterers may not have experience in preparing and serving food in such a setting.

#6 - A thorough explanation of the services/goods that are promised in the contract

The contract between the caterer and you must specify precisely what meals, beverages, and services it will provide on the designated day(s). Additionally, it should safeguard you from non-performance in the same way as it protects the caterer from non-payment/default, so you may be thinking about having an attorney look at the contract prior to signing it.

#7 - A Well-Defined Cancellation Plan

Every caterer with a smidgen of dignity and scruples enters into a contract if they plan to bail at the last minute, but you need to make sure there is a cancellation clause in the contract in case your caterer has to terminate.

#8 - References You Are Able to Call and Talk To

You will want to do the necessary research about the caterers you would like to work with, so it's important to look into their reviews and ratings.

Be sure to look over the online reviews. They might not be 100% accurate or authentic. For instance, the best caterer may have had some bad clients that skew their ratings. A bad caterer could have overinflated their online reviews. So see if you can track down some past clients of the caterers you are contemplating and contact them.

#9 Insurance

We spoke to caterers who called insurance coverage "a provided" to caterers. It is not a good idea to take legal responsibility for any mistakes or incidents that are attributable to your caterer.

#10 - A Professional Chef and Kitchen Staff

Unexpectedly, the length of time a catering company has been operating might not be as important in selecting a great caterer as you may think.


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