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What Is A Monument Sign?

Sep 9

What monument signs for business? And how can having one benefit your company? If your business is difficult to find, or is in close proximity to numerous other businesses or located in a place that has little foot traffic the use of a monument sign could be a huge benefit.

Monument signs, sometimes known as monoliths they are massive outdoor, free-standing, weather-proof signs that are situated near the ground. They typically have any distance between them and their surroundings. They are designed to be sturdy signposts that can stand to the tests of time.

The location of the signs makes them easy to spot whether you're in the road or on foot since they are the most direct route for prospective customers. This is great for promoting your brand and making it as simple for customers to locate your company - and also to encourage the impulse buyer.

This kind of sign gives you a variety with regards to design choices and features, which allows you to integrate your sign seamlessly with your branding. In addition to the message utilized, you can also improve the appearance of your sign with an appealing design that blends design and marketing.

What is the Difference Between a Monument Sign and a Pylon Sign?

While both are architectural signs however, the primary difference between the monument sign and the Pylon sign (also called an totem signal) is the dimensions. Although monuments are closer to the ground while pylon signs tend to be higher. That means that pylon signs can be observed from a distance, and are utilized for more general advertising and monument signs are typically located in front of business entrances.

Pylon signs are commonly employed in shopping centers to highlight the different businesses that operate in the area on industrial sites, or along busy parts of roads. They are often used along with monument signs to clearly indicate the location of your business.

If you are looking for signs that are integrated into the surroundings yet noticeable enough to advertise your company the monument sign is the ideal alternative. Contrary to pylons, they might not be suitable for the location or require approvals for planning due to their height therefore, there are additional factors to consider.

How Much Does a Monument Sign Cost?

Business monument signs are able to offer many choices in terms of design, their price is contingent on the business's requirements and the overall style. They are typically designed as temporary or semi-permanent constructions which means they are constructed to last. This is evident in the price they charge.

There are a variety of materials that can be utilized in the construction of your home, so the materials you select can have a major impact on the price. Some materials are more affordable and others carry higher prices. It is important to note that the materials you select will impact the way your sign for your business appears.

In addition you can also have them illuminated to increase visibility at night, or left unlit if located in a bright area. You can also choose an electronic display, but this comes with additional costs regarding the construction of the sign and the installation.

With the variety of options available to design the sign that you want to make a monument, you need to make sure that you're dealing with a business that understands your branding and the message you wish to convey through your signs. The design that is long-lasting for this kind of sign indicates that it will remain being used for a long period of time, which is why it's worthwhile to invest in a design that will benefit your business.

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