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What are the most frequent causes of roof damage?

Jul 12

Our roofs serve as protection. They safeguard us, our house and everything we own inside of it. But, like anything else that we do, it might require some assistance. It's an accepted fact that roofs get damaged. It is important to be aware of the cause of roof damage so that you can make repairs quickly. It's important to stop further damage. It is likely to spread quickly and cause further damage.

Common Causes For Roof Damage

The actual causes of damage to your roof will differ depending on where you live.


High winds, storms hail storms, high heat, deep cold, and hurricanes will all result in destruction. Roofers kansas city mo and others know that the roof's components can be damaged or torn up, and this can cause open spaces where water and moisture could get inside.


In winter, moisture is drawn in , and then it gets frozen. It can expand and cause serious damage to not just the roof but also the shingles. Leaks are one of the most destructive results, and have to be repaired quickly. looking for a roofing company close to me.


Your roof is likely to be hit by hailstones. They've been known to break shingles and tear them right off. Hurricanes are going to wreak havoc on your roof, in addition, if they even let you down with one.



The aging process is a reality for us all and your shingles are not the only one to suffer. They could be becoming old, weak, and brittle. It's possible that there have been some repairs. The roof can become worn down.

It might be the right time to upgrade your roof if the warranty is expired. They can only last so long, and they will need to be repaired frequently enough that there's no point.


Foot Traffic

If you own the kind of roof you could climb on and relax on, it can cause damage. Although it might sound like a great idea, it could cause damages to your roof, and may cause it to be ripped.


Improper Installation

Incorrect installation is usually the most common reason homeowners require repairs to their roofs. Perhaps the previous contractor put up a roof over old, worn-out roofing materials or did not properly flashe.

They might have used subpar or no roof sealants at all or didn't fasten or overlap the shingles properly. There are plenty of tricks that roofers from Kansas City mo will take to save time and cost. They can cost you more time and money.


Failure to Keep Up with Repairs

It is vital to keep your roof in good shape. That's where an inspection can help. Even if your roof hasn't been affected by one of these issues however, it is still important to check your roof annually.

Even small fixes can create a huge impact. A small leak can transform into such a big problem. You will see more damage below once the water begins to get through.

Keep the gutters clean and get the roof washed off, and have it inspected frequently. In particular, following the storm, it is important to evaluate the damage. It is far more affordable to pay a modest amount to make repairs than to have to replace the entire roof and perhaps the contents of your home.


Roof Control

Contact us at Storm Contracting for a free estimate and get the repairs done before it is too late. We often do not realize the importance of our roof.

We can't see the damage on the roof the way we would in other areas of the home. This is why it's important to book an inspection, and then make the repairs you require.

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