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How Metformin Can Aid in the Treatment of Glucose Peaks

Jan 1

How Can Metformin Aid in the Treatment of Glucose Peaks?

Have you ever eaten so much that you went into a "food coma"? You almost certainly had a 'glucose peak,' but what precisely does it mean? If you want to know about it, continue reading to find out!

Primarily, our digestive system converts into glucose when we consume a carbohydrate-rich meal, which is the primary fuel our bodies utilise to function appropriately. After this, the glucose then enters our veins, causing our blood sugar levels to skyrocket, and our pancreas is told to produce insulin for unlocking our cells so that the glucose may enter the body.

A 'glucose peak' generates a sudden spike and subsequent decrease in our blood sugar levels, and excessive glucose peaks are something we should always attempt to evade.

Why is excessive glucose intake so troublesome?

If you want to know why glucose peaks are an issue, you must first grasp three things:

Even for a hale and hearty pancreas, making insulin is an arduous task.

Insulin is an extensive substance that is produced by special cells in our pancreas called beta cells through a series of intricate biochemical events.

Unfortunately, we did not grow to consume chocolate cake.

Over millions of years, the usual sugar-laden Western diet causes our pancreas to produce far more insulin than it has developed to produce.

Tissues are harmed by chronically elevated blood sugar levels.

Besides blood vessels and a variety of organs, long-term high blood sugar levels harm neurons and the pancreas.

In Type 2 diabetes, at producing insulin, an overworked pancreas has become less effective, resulting in high blood sugar, leading in less glucose being taken up into cells, resulting in pancreatic damage; it's a horrible positive feedback loop.

Individuals without diabetes do not have chronically high blood sugar levels. Still, the extreme glucose peaks are equivalent to having diabetes for a short period of time owing to the strain they place on the pancreas.

How can Metformin help you comfort with glucose levels?

Metformin, one of the most often prescribed drugs in the world, works by improving cell response to insulin, and lowering the sugar amount your liver releases into your blood and, allowing them to absorb more sugar from the blood.

Because of these two reasons, our blood sugar levels will not jump as high after having a heavy carb meal. Simply, Metformin supports in controlling glucose peaks.

In what ways Metformin can aid with lifespan?

If you have seen and read our latest blog post on insulin resistance, you may recall that it can predict the development of a variety of age-related diseases, including metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and, without a doubt, Type 2 diabetes.

However, it is too soon to say finally that Metformin comforts humans to live longer lives thus, it stands to reason that Metformin could play a positive role in extending health span (and possibly lifespan). And because of its ability of improving insulin sensitivity, and to lesser glucose peaks and dropping our risk of evolving the diseases mentioned above.