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Automatic Safety Covers: Modern Technology 

Jan 1

Automatic Safety Covers: Modern Technology 

What would pool safety look like in your house? There are a lot of pool owners it appears to be an automatic security cover.


There are more options than you probably Imagined You Could Have

If you think of "pool cover" the picture that comes to mind might be an old-fashioned cover that was functional but did nothing to improve the aesthetics of your swimming pool. The good news is that today's pool covers aren't a direct resemblance to the old ones. Instead, they offer the array of choices that will meet your particular needs, such as:

  • Systems for under track. These systems have an under track that is away from view below the pool's edge (i.e. just below the deck). When the cover is removed the guests might not be aware that the track exists.
  • top track system. When an under track system isn't practical an Top track is simple to set up and is available in a variety of designs, including track that is recessed. They are made of top-quality, durable materials that won't detract from the beauty of your pool.
  • Multiple colors. Tan? Blue? Green? What hue is the best match for your backyard's decor? Choose the shade that is right for you!
  • The choice of lids. There are multiple possibilities for how an automated safety cover is secured when it is pulled down, such as aluminum lids and walk-on concrete ones.
  • Seating and concealing combos. In some cases the best method to hide a pool with a retractable cover is to install benches that provide the additional benefit of seating near the end to the swimming pool.

Find Inspiration and Start

Call Your nearby Designer pool cover branch to discuss the specifics of the new cover you've chosen. They'll be able to ask questions regarding your requirements discuss your options and arrange for your installation. If you are looking for a pool cover in Cape Town click here

Don't put off.. Fall is the best moment to have the cover put in place so you can enjoy the beauty, strength and convenience of mind that it brings.