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Miriam Popp, 37, founder and wellness coach at Vibrant Lifestyle Coaching

Before her successful course as a lifestyle coach, Miriam Popp lived as a hairdresser in Boston and led a good, materialistic and successful life.

In her 20s, Popp said she didn’t realize the emotional, mental, and physical stress she was under until after contracting the shingles virus multiple times in a 10-year window.

“When you are under long, chronic stress, it weakens your immune system. In my case, the lifestyle choices I made have weakened my immune system, “she said.” It took me a while to really learn and realize that I should take care of myself. That was the beginning of my shift. “

Popp decided to change her lifestyle for the better and focus on how she handled her well-being.

“Health is emotional, mental and physical. I had to pull myself together and deal with my stress, ”she said. “As I started looking for better lifestyle skills, I learned that a lot of the people around me also lack lifestyle skills.”

Popp decided to pursue her dreams and go back to school for health and wellbeing. She then moved to Bakersfield, where she built her business as the founder of Vibrant Lifestyle Coaching.

“I loved working as a hairdresser, but I knew I wanted more. I love listening to people’s stories, finding their patterns and giving them all a light while letting them know they have more and helping them see that, ”she said.

Popps’ mission as a lifestyle coach is to help people reach their full potential to be better versions of themselves.

“I wanted to use where I was to inspire people to get out of the way,” she said.

Popp has been a lifestyle coach for five years, helping women to control their stress management through body, mind and soul and at the same time to find a connection to themselves.

She also finds ways to give back to the community by being part of organizations like Young Women Reaching Accomplishable Places, meeting with a group of young women and leading them through conversations with self-sufficiency and school-related issues. Popp acts as a mentor to guide these girls through the problems of growing up.

“A lot of these girls come from challenging backgrounds and can create this space where they can feel heard,” she said. “Sometimes it’s just knowing that someone is there – that’s important to me.”

Popp remembers her youth and wishes she had a mentor to guide and communicate with. Being a part of YWRAP helped Popp with their mission – to help children and give them the tools they need to avoid problems in their future.

“When I was younger, I became what I needed for others. Through my coaching, I use my mess as my message and take what I’ve been through and share these lessons, ”she said.

Miriam frequently visits the Boston area to be with family and friends, especially her 7-year-old goddaughter.

“I need to make sure she has the tools and knows her safe spaces. These things are important. Before she could read or write, I got her first diary. We would have diary time and talk. I wanted to show her that she should always talk about how she feels, ”she said.

Popp wants to continue her vibrant life by being present for her family, friends and customers.

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